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Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight an object or attract attention to a particular area.  It is usually made up of various types of indirect lighting.  


Indirect lighting is unique due to the fact that the viewer cannot see the light bulbs directly. It often emanates from near or off of the ceiling - sometimes in ledges, valances, horizontal recesses on the upper wall, in the ceiling itself, or from a fixture that directs the light up toward the ceiling.


This type of lighting may provide most or all of the general lighting in a space or it can be purely aesthetic in nature by providing only some of the needed light for a space – sometimes in color.


Aesthetically, indirect lighting can provide a soft, warm feel to an architectural space. Light from these fixtures is generally directed upward and is distributed over the ceiling and/or the upper wall of a room. The reflected light off the ceiling usually provides very even and pleasant light throughout the room.


The light fixtures used for indirect lighting can be incandescent, xenon, fluorescent or LED's. These light sources can provide a good deal of light, a modest amount of light, or sometimes just a hint of light depending on the needs of the space.  Incandesdcent, xenon, LEDs, and some fluorescent light fixtures can be controlled by a dimmer switch. Fluorescent lamps and LEDs are both capable of providing colored light if that is desirable. Fluorescent lamps and LEDs use electricity very efficiently in providing a given amount of light.