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Attic Fans

One source of added efficiency that is often overlooked is the attic fan. There are two types of fans that can be installed in your attic space.  These are attic fans and whole house fans.  



Many people use whole house fans as an alternative to air-conditioning. A whole house fan is most effective when outside air temperatures are below 82ºF.  It recycles warm stagnant air that is trapped in your home with a cooler air that is sucked in through the windows.  A whole house fan can effectively lower the air temparature 10 degrees or more while only using about 25% of the power that a central air-conditioning system does.



Attic fans can save up to 30% on cooling costs by getting rid of trapped super hot air that tends to collect in attics and cause heat to back up into the home.


Attic temperatures can get up to 150ºF without an attic fan. Attic fans create a flow of air through your attic that does not rely on wind or require excessive passive venting. Excessive passive venting can cause excessive moisture infiltration in the form of rain.  


One type of attic fan ejects hot air that is trapped in the attic via negative pressure through a gable vent.  This is typically referred to as a gable fan.  It turns on and off automatically with a thermostat, so it only runs when it is beneficial.  


Another type of attic fan forces trapped hot air out of the attic via positive pressure.  These fans are typically installed in the roof surface and draw in cooler air from the surrounding space.  Both types of attic fans use less than 300 Watts and can even be powered by the sun.  In any case, they offer the following advantages:


1. Lowers upstairs room temperatures by 10º or more.

2. Lengthens roof life by keeping shingles cooler.

3. Saves up to 30% on air-conditioning costs.



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