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Track lighting

Versatile and adaptable, track lighting allows you to configure a lighting scheme that's custom made to meet your unique, individual needs. Track lighting is perfect for highlighting artwork, collections or architectural details, and it can also provide general or task illumination for an entire room.


The key to successful utilization of tracklighting is the illumination of an object combined with the prevention of glare.  In order to achieve this objective, we offer the following tips:


  • When lighting artwork or other wall hangings, the track should be mounted on the ceiling in a location that will allow each track fixture to maintain a 30-degree angle from the vertical. This will prevent light from shining directly into anyone’s eyes.  It will also prevent reflections coming from the object being illuminated and it will minimize any shadows produced when the track fixture is too close to the object being illuminated.


If the distance from the track fixture to the wall being lit is X and the distance from the ceiling to the middle of the wall hanging is Y, then the correct position of the track fixture is X = Y x 0.55