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Broken outlets, old, undersized or illegal wiring and other problems with household electrical systems cause most residential electrical fires.  


Misuse of appliances and cords can also contribute to house fires. You can reduce the risk of fire by knowing the warning signs and taking precautions with these items.


If any of the following problems occur, get the help of a professional electrician:


    •  Electrical outlets not working or sparking when a plug is inserted and removed...

    •  Outages from a circuit breaker that continually trips...

    •  Several lights that blink strangely or dim when an appliance is turned on...

    •  Receptacles dead because a tripping GFCI won't reset...

    •  Mystery bedroom switches or hallway switches operating incorrectly?


Minimize the risk of fires by taking the following steps:


  • Avoid overloading extension cords and plug strips.


  • Do not try and force three-pronged plugs into two-pronged receptacles.


  • Don't run appliance or extension cords under a rug or through high-traffic areas.


  • Don't allow lights, especially halogen filaments to come in contact with flammable materials.


  • Select the proper size bulb for each light fixture. Check the maximum wattage   requirement of the fixture prior to installing a replacement bulb.


  • Test your smoke alarms regularly. Replace the batteries twice a year in Spring and Fall when you change the time on your clocks.


We look forward to assisting you with any of your electrical-related problems.  We understand that most homeowners dread calling a specialist to troubleshoot an electrical problem because of the possible expense involved.  We pride ourselves in our troubleshooting skills and we will work with you to find the most economical solution to the problem as opposed to the most expensive.